Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hello again! We're looking forward to an excellent 2016 season. As the berries ripen, we'll keep you posted regarding when we expect to open. Typically, mid July to early August have been our opening days. This year's crop looks better than the past several years, so we anticipate more U-Pick days this season.

We want to announce an opportunity for those of you who are interested in learning about beekeeping. We are testing the waters to see if we can find six people who would like to take a class from our apiary expert, Tarboo Valley Bees. Cost would be $50 per person; beekeeping clothing will be provided for the class. If you would be interested in participating, please call us on our message phone (360-582-1128). We will take messages for the next two weeks, at which point we'll determine whether a class can be offered.

We'll see you in the berry field!

Blueberry Dave and Teri

Welcome to Dungeness Meadow Farm

We are a Certified Organic family farm near Sequim, Washington with a commitment to your well-being. We grow four varieties of blueberries on 2.5 acres, and it is our pleasure to offer both a U-pick experience and pre-picked berries to our customers. We encourage you to consider our farm as your source for top quality, great tasting, and healthful blueberries.
We use only USDA/WSDA authorized practices, amendments and listed products to enhance our farm. I continually research new methods to find a balance in our practices. Our fields are covered with netting, which avoids the issues brought on by birds and other wildlife. (Who could blame them though!) We receive water directly from the Dungeness River. We have great soil and wonderful conditions for optimum healthy fruit. Our kids are the taste testers, quality control techs, and helpers during the harvest.

I have been interested in organic growing methods since I was a young boy growing up in Edmonds. My neighbors were immigrants who came to America with gardening experience. They did not understand the need to spray chemicals or other additives onto their families’ food. We maintain that same standard for growing wholesome, healthful, luscious food for your table and ours.

Warning: Do not be misled by farms that advertise certified organic status, unless they can provide the certification to back up their claims. Our certificate (updated each year) is posted at our checkout counter, or you can contact the USDA or the WSDA for verification.

We hope you will join the many people who return to Dungeness Meadow Farm each year for their annual supplies of blueberries. We are open several days each week, depending on available fruit. Check this website or call our information number (360-582-1128) after 7 AM to see what’s happening that day, or to order pre-picked berries.

We look forward to seeing you in the berry field!

Teri and Blueberry Dave